Cantabrian hoteliers denounce a Revilla who considers asking for protection when he feels “harassed”

Publication: Friday, May 7, 2021 7:29 PM

The Cantabrian Hospitality Businessmen Association filed a complaint against the president of the regional government, Miguel Ángel Revilla, before the Ministry of Health for eating and smoking a cigar in a restaurant, and demanded his resignation for non-compliance with the rules. imposed on the sector.

The president of the association, Ángel Cuevas, announced the presentation of this complaint after the broadcast, this Thursday, of a video on social networks in which two men accuse Revilla and reprimand him for having eaten and smoked in a restaurant of Santander while they record it with their mobiles.

Revilla responded with a video on his social media of the space where the food took place and a post in which he claimed that it was not an interior, but an ‘open and airy’ place, but, according to Cuevas, this space does not meet the sanitary regulations of the terraces, which must be open places and if they are, they must have a maximum of two walls.

“The message is clear, Mr. Revilla, come home,” said Cuevas, who appeared at a press conference accompanied by the entire board of directors of the association and with the vice president of the Cantabrian Chamber of Commerce, Emerito Astuy.

The president of Cantabria, for his part, said he was considering seeking protection after the episodes of “harassment” he suffered from “a very well organized group” which – denounces – makes “his life impossible” and they even filmed her daughter throwing out the garbage when they called her “unrepresentable things”.

“I have never had protection in my life, but I am considering asking for it because they not only constrain my work as president, but they reach my family circle,” Revilla said, asking reporters for questions. , after attending the act of commemoration of Europe Day.

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