capital punishment methods: beheaded somewhere and find out how the death penalty is pronounced around the world

The method of causing death in countries all over the world is also different

Countries around the world have different approaches to the execution of the death penalty. 58 countries around the world adopt the method of executing the death penalty. While more than 73 countries are condemned to the death penalty. Of these 73 countries, 45 countries serve the culprits by standing in front of the firing squad. 33 countries around the world, including India, are the only way to execute the death penalty. In these countries, the death row inmate can only be killed by hanging. There are six countries in the world where the death penalty is pronounced by stoning. They are all loyal Islamic countries. There are five countries where poisoning is injected for the death penalty. Apart from all this, the head of the condemned man is beheaded for the death penalty in three countries of the world. There are 97 countries in the world that have abolished the death penalty. In these countries, those guilty of any crime are not sentenced to death.

Why should we be hanged for the death penalty in India?

In fact, the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC, 1898), which was drafted during British times, provided for the hanging of the death penalty. The same method was also adopted in CrPC 1973. Its article 354 (5) states: “When a person is sentenced to death, he shall be hanged on the neck until his death”. The Army Law, Navy Law and Air Force Law also have the ability to fire without being suspended. The “Long drop” method is now used for the suspension. It was invented in 1872 by William Marwood of Great Britain. In this, the convict is hanged in such a way that his neck is broken, and then he is kept hanged until his death. Mahatma Gandhi’s assassins Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte were first hanged in independent India.

Somewhere he’s beheaded and somewhere he’s shot

There are three countries in the world, including Saudi Arabia, where they are beheaded and beheaded. Here the culprit is beheaded with a sword. A large crowd gathers to see it. Islamic Sharia provides for beheading. These sentences are mainly awarded for heinous crimes. In April 2019, Saudi Arabia beheaded 37 people in one day. In Saudi Arabia, apart from political discontent and its related activities, such punishment is punishable by perpetrators of terrorism. In these countries, the Islamic court decides to punish with a sword. After which the religious police publicly purge the punishment by cutting off the heads of the culprits. Apart from these, convicts shot in Indonesia, China, Togo, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Bahrain, North Korea, Taiwan, Yemen, United States, Chile, Ghana, in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Armenia, Syria, Uganda, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt Death is given.

Toxic injection and current use in many countries

Many countries around the world, including America, are on death row by giving deadly poison. In this, the offender receives an injection full of poison. In 2013, it was also used in China and Vietnam. Apart from that, people are also being killed by giving high voltage electric shock in these countries. There has been a lot of heckling in America about this method. Again in 2013, one person was killed while sitting in an electric chair. Apart from that, the death sentence is also handed down by hanging and firing in America.

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