Capitol Hill US Air Force violence: supporters of Donald Trump fear revolt in America, weapon of great disaster in action – Donald Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Hill US Air Force e4b Doomsday plane in action

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Following violence by right-wing supporters of Donald Trump, the country faced the threat of a coup, so far 4 people have died in the violence on Capitol Hill and three others are in critical condition. Plane carrying Mahavinash deployed
The threat of a coup in the country began to escalate after violence by right-wing supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump in the U.S. Parliament on Capitol Hill. So far, 4 people have died in the violence on the Capitol Hill campus and three others are in critical condition. Seeing this crisis looming over the country, the US Air Force took action and the E-4B “Nightwatch”, the plane that caused the great catastrophe in the world, immediately began to patrol the air. . This state-of-the-art aircraft is capable of controlling 4,315 US atomic bombs.

Reports in the US media have indicated that the E-4B National Air Command Post aircraft flew from Andrew Air Force Base, Merrilland, United States, after an unsuccessful attempt to occupy Parliament. The Doomsday E-4B nuclear plane is believed to have gone into immediate action to prevent enemy countries from profiting from the crisis in America. Thanks to this, the US military has given the message that even after this crisis it is capable of nuclear attacks and if the enemies act it will receive an appropriate response.
US Capitol Violence LIVE: 4 people killed so far in violence by supporters of Donald Trump, declaration of emergency in Washington came into action after September 11 ‘Nightwatch’ attack
The plane that brings this American disaster to United States Air flies through the air every time a crisis hits the United States. Previously, the plane had flown through the air when President Trump was reported positive in Corona. Likewise, the plane went into action even after the September 11 attack. This deadly plane is called “Nightwatch”. The US Air Force’s E-4B aircraft was modified by a Boeing 747-200B. The US Air Force uses 4 aircraft of this type.

The aircraft is designed in such a way that it is able to withstand any attack. The E-4B ‘Nightwatch’ aircraft does not have a window so that people sitting on board have no effect in the event of a nuclear attack. It has seats for very special people, including the president. It serves as a very secure command center even after a nuclear attack. Thanks to this, America can give instructions to attack anywhere in the world. With this, America’s nuclear weapons can be brought under control.

One of the 4 “ Nightwatch ” planes still alerts
The E-4B “ Nightwatch ” aircraft first entered service in 1974. Today, after nearly 50 years of service, this aircraft is on the verge of retirement. That’s why the US Air Force is going to change it. One of its 4 aircraft is always kept on alert, so that in the event of a major crisis, the plane that immediately causes this disaster will be ready for war. For this reason, it is called the Doomsday plane.

The American plane flew through the air

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