Capturing an entire website will be easier with Microsoft Edge

Redmond’s work in Microsoft Edge is tireless and the proof is that we keep talking about it. On this occasion, Microsoft Edge will allow you to take screenshots further. We will see the last characteristic detected by our veteran reader Leo Varela.

Capture entire web pages from Microsoft Edge

With this new feature, which is being tested in Microsoft Edge’s Canary channel, we will be able to capture entire web pages. Instead of capturing only what we see, we can go deeper.

In the Dev version, to take a screenshot of the entire page, you have to select a region by holding down the mouse button and then start scrolling down with the mouse wheel, but there is a limit in the length of the image, with this new option added in Canary (“Full page”), this limit is much, much wider, I was able to capture the whole page of the flags:

As you can see this allows us to have full screenshots. This way we have all the content in one image. That if, as Leo indicates, it is a double-edged sword since the resolution is exaggeratedly long.

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