Car crashed into Angela Merkel’s office: Car collided with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Germany, with message – car crashed into door of German Chancellor’s office Angela Merkels

On Wednesday, a car collided at the door outside the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On this car, “Stop the politics of globalization” was written. It is feared that the incident was deliberately carried out. We see in the photos that the officers are investigating the vehicle in the portal. No casualties were reported during the incident. Dozens of police and firefighters reached the place.

Markel was about to meet
The office is a short distance from the German Parliament and is separate from any main road. According to other images posted on social networks, on the other side of the car, it is written: “You fucking killers of children and old people.” (You guys who kill children and the elderly.) Merkel was scheduled to have a video conference with state prime ministers on Wednesday and discuss the corona virus.

There was an attack four years ago
Let us know that after recent incidents in Paris, Nice and Vienna, Europe is on high alert for suspected Islamic extremist attacks. Four years ago, a man who had failed to find refuge in Tunisia invaded the Berlin Christmas market with a truck. In this incident, 11 people were killed and dozens were injured.

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