Car crushes several people in Marbella by hitting a terrace

Posted: Monday July 19 2021 5:36 PM

A car collided in the early hours of this afternoon with the terrace of a bar in Marbella (Malaga) and crushed several people who were on the road, according to municipal sources and Emergencies 112 Andalusia.

It happened on Miguel Cano Avenue in San Pedro de Alcántara, in broad daylight and with the hotel terraces full of customers. At least nine people have been injured and there have been no fatalities so far.

Agents of the National Police, the Local Police, health services and firefighters have already visited the scene, accompanied by various rescue units. Five people were transferred to the Costa del Sol hospital from the crash area, including a woman in serious condition, as municipal sources reported to Efe.

Police have already arrested the driver, a 30-something Spanish citizen from Marbella, who was driving a white car, and National Police officers are trying to clarify the causes of what happened.

According to current witnesses on social media, an “impressive roar” was generated. “A person breaks into a sidewalk with a car. He crushes everything in his path. The occupant of the vehicle faces the police who must take him away,” said a tweeter who witnessed the outrage.

From the emergency number 112, they told Europa Press that at around 3:25 p.m. they received the first of a dozen calls in which the alerters reported that a car had collided with the terrace. ‘a bar on Miguel Cano Avenue and allegedly crushed several people.

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