Car DKV helps companies bet on comprehensive healthcare for their employees

Car DKV helps companies bet on comprehensive healthcare for their employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of taking care of and strengthening health not only from an individual point of view, but also as a fundamental requirement for the restoration of the economic and social fabric.

Taking care of the health and well-being of its employees has become a priority for SMEs and large companies.

For this reason, DKV continues to position itself as a leading company in its health insurance offer, offering the broadest medical offer in the country (40,000 doctors and 1,000 concerted centers across the country) and offering SMEs and large companies peace of mind. of mind to have access to solid health policies to ensure the most comprehensive coverage for your employees.

Health activists: also in the company

As a health activist, DKV has strengthened its policies so that companies can offer their employees all the guarantees they need to protect their health.

The new coverage is committed to innovation, which includes, in addition to diagnostic means, therapeutic benefits, hospitalization and surgery, a wide range of benefits linked to prevention programs and digital health.

Among the new covers, we can distinguish:

New non-invasive PET / MRI imaging technology for the correct diagnosis of cancerous lesions. Extension from 10 to 20 sessions of home respiratory therapy in obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome. Respiratory rehabilitation, also due to the consequences of COVID-19 infection. Expansion of the cervical cancer prevention program in women aged 25 to 65, inclusion of the preventive HPV test. New digital health features in the Quiero Cuidarme Ms app, such as electronic prescription, analytical and imaging test requests, access to medical report results and more medical specialties through video consultation. Active prevention measures that can be personalized according to the size and needs of each company: action protocols, advice on specific risks, training and motivation of personnel in health matters.

The health contracts offered by DKV present differential aspects such as medical telephone lines, physiotherapy, rehabilitation or podiatry without limit of sessions, assistance in the event of a work and traffic accident at no additional cost, a coverage up to € 20,000 for medical assistance in case of emergency abroad and hospital allowance from the third day when it is not covered by DKV.

DKV continues to progress in its commitment to take care of the health and well-being of people, offering the best coverage in its policies: so that SMEs and large companies do not have to worry about anything and can develop their full potential.

In Spain, DKV is established throughout the country with a large network of health insurance offices ( and clinics, where nearly 2,000 employees work who provide services to more than 2 million customers.

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