Carbon monoxide China coal mine: carbon monoxide level rises in China coal mine, 18 dead – China Carbon monoxide levels in coal mines increase many deaths

18 workers have died from high levels of carbon monoxide at a coal mine in China. The local official gave this information on Saturday. Xinhua, a government communications agency, said the incident happened at 5 p.m. Friday evening at the Dioshuidong Coal Mine in Yogchuan District of Chongqing Municipality.

According to Xinhua, the increase in carbon monoxide levels confirmed the deaths of 18 workers. According to the news, rescue workers, including police and firefighters, are trying to reach the part of the mine where workers are stranded. The cause of the accident is under investigation. The local emergency management department said mining began in 1975 from the Dioshuidong coal mine.

In 1998, the mine was handed over to private hands. Its annual production capacity is 1.20,000 tons of coal. According to Xinhua, in 2013, the same mine leaked toxic hydrogen sulfide, killing three workers and injuring two others.

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