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Bars and nightclubs closed for months due to the health crisis? Regardless, the 22-year-old Carcassonnais Christophe Triay aka Stay Chris did not hesitate to reinvent himself and place his turntables in the midst of extraordinary natural scenery and other unusual places. At the Pic de Nore, in the Château d’Usson, Miraval-Cabardès, in the city or in the middle of the forest in the middle of the Pyrenees … Accompanied by his girlfriend Léa for taking pictures and controlling drones, the DJ mainly focuses to electronic music with house and techno. Popular videos that generate thousands of views each time. “I started staying in contact with the public when I was in prison for the first time,” explains the real estate professional, who is used to appearing in trendy bars in the region from a young age.

Air and dance mixes

Bucolic services in the middle of nowhere that require upstream logistics and preparation time. “You have to locate the places, get the permits, move the equipment, make sure there are no bugs at the last minute …” Which can inevitably happen. “We don’t see it, but an enclosure had fallen at Pic de Nore because it was so windy!”.

Air and dance mixes are delayed to avoid gatherings and a phenomenon that has spread to public awareness of heritage since the success of the Cercle platform and its live concerts recorded from incredible locations and sharpen culture. Just as DJ Janoz had imagined two years ago at the Château de Peyrepertuse, before repeating the experience last Sunday from the top of the Saint Vincent Tower.

“It changes, it is exotic and it enables you to escape everyday life, even if nothing replaces contact with the public.” With bars reopening gradually and maybe one day nightclubs, Stay Chris will be performing all summer at Le Créneau in the Cité de Carcassonne. But don’t forbid a little trip to the side of the Cathar town of Minerve for a new live performance …

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