Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death at work, with 39% of fatal work accidents

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death at work, with 39% of fatal work accidents

Heart attacks and strokes were the leading cause of fatal work accidents in Spain in 2020, accounting for 38.9% of all fatal work accidents, according to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. A very similar percentage occurred among workers protected by Umivale, with 36.6% of total deaths in 2020.

During 2020, there were 446,195 accidents with sick leave, including 3,643 serious accidents and 634 fatal accidents. By sex, 602 of those who died were men and 32 were women.

“We can’t control factors like age or hereditary characteristics, but I know there are other reasons that can trigger a cardiovascular event and that we can prevent with a healthy lifestyle,” says the head of prevention at Umivale, Jos Luis Cebrin. This is why, since the mutual, they dedicate the month of September, the month of the heart, to intensify their prevention campaign to fight against cardiovascular diseases.

“Every week, we’re going to release a video with a new tip or tip for taking care of our hearts. These are short videos, easily shareable on social networks, the objective of which is to reach the public in a very pleasant way and to promote healthy lifestyles. A campaign that will end on September 29, World Heart Day, ”explains Cebrin.

The #UmivaleCuidaTuCorazn initiative began in 2019 with the dissemination of eleven information sheets with the aim of promoting heart-healthy attitudes and raising awareness of prevention. In 2021 and following these sheets, eleven audiovisual pills were produced, in whiteboard or animated table format, with subtitles and lasting about two minutes, which have already collected more than 5,000 views.

Eleven tips for taking care of our hearts

In the Prevention and Health section of the site, you can already consult the files and the first six videos of the campaign with the following themes:

High blood pressure or hypertension: May go unnoticed because it does not produce symptoms. The heart, arteries, and kidneys put extra strain on them, increasing the risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and heart failure. Cholesterol: It is a natural fatty substance present in all the cells of the human body. Excess cholesterol is deposited on the lining of the arteries, making it difficult for blood to pass and causing vascular disease. Sedentary lifestyle: It is considered to be one of the main risk factors in the development of heart disease. It can trigger arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and respiratory disease. Heart rate: This is the number of times the heart contracts for one minute. Adequate heart rate is essential for the proper functioning of the heart. Smoking: It can trigger chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, and cancer of the lung and pharynx. Smoking increases blood pressure and heart rate, and carries three times the risk of cardiovascular disease. Benefits of Sports: Aerobic exercise is one of the best methods for preventing cardiovascular health problems because it continually uses up extra oxygen and calories.

During the month of September, audiovisual pills dedicated to obesity, oral health, diabetes mellitus, stress and healthy eating will be broadcast.

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