Cargo shortage in Suez Canal traffic jams may lead to global toilet paper crisis Exporter warns: Impact of Suez Canal crisis, toilet paper may end in world, increased stress

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The impact of the huge traffic jam of the Fencemud 300 freighter due to the huge container-shipper donation Ever in the Suez Canal is now clearly visible to the world.
Over 300 cargo ships and oil containers around the world have been trapped by the huge container ship Ever Given, trapped in Egypt’s Svege Canal, one of the world’s worst sea routes. The impact of the huge traffic jam at sea is now clearly visible. Suzano SA, the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet paper, has warned that the vessel’s capture could trigger a global toilet paper crisis.

Suzano SA said there has been a severe shortage of ships and shipping containers carrying toilet paper. The CEO of the Brazilian company, Walter Schalca, said in an interview that the shortage of ships is causing delays in the transport of the company’s goods. He said he has been worried for some time because we will not be able to export as much as we expected in March. Now we have to send it in April.
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400-meter-long container ship trapped in a flow channel
Not only that, the cargo container manufacturing companies had cut back on production due to the shortage of demand, which became sufficient. He said this crisis has worsened due to the Suez Canal crisis. About 400 meters long, this container ship is trapped in the draw-off channel. For this reason, there has been a huge traffic jam in the sea. Rescuers are working day and night to evacuate the ship.

Meanwhile, hoarding also started due to lack of toilet paper. Osama Rabiye, chief officer of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority, said efforts were underway to evacuate the ship. Although he is not in a position to say when this crisis will end. He said sea waves and strong winds are hampering the evacuation of the ship. Osama said efforts are being made to remove sand from the vicinity of the ship so that the ship can be removed without removing the baggage.

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