Carmen Calvo assures us that the “great song is not what time you put the iron on, but who does it”

Updated: Wednesday 02 June 2021 15:04

Published: 06/02/2021 3:03 PM

The first vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, assured that the “big thing” is not what time you put the washing machine, but who puts it and who iron.

Calvo responded to a question as to whether, now that the curfew has ended due to the pandemic, another has been put in place at midnight to put the washing machine on and thus avoid paying more on the new bill. ‘electricity.

Calvo replied that it is a virtue of the Spaniards to face any situation with irony. But he stressed that many women would be willing to think “not what time the washing machine is on or ironed but who is ironing and putting the washing machine on, which is the right thing”.

And in the same vein, he reiterated: “What’s great is who does that, because there are statistics that say that apart from the electricity bill, we continue to put it mainly by us – even ironing. “

“To add a little more irony to the case, the big question is who puts this on and who comes on when it’s time to iron,” he said.

However, he stressed that the “important news” is that the fixed part bill will be reduced by almost 3% and that the government’s clean and renewable energy plans are “getting stronger” and will continue. to make progress in reducing the electricity bill.

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