Carmen Calvo believes that the withdrawal of the inviolability of the king “can be perfectly settled”

Updated: Thursday, January 14, 2021 1:24 PM

Posted: 14.01.2021 13:21

The first vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, explained yesterday, Wednesday, that the question of the inviolability of King Felipe VI “can be perfectly dealt with”. However, he insists that this is not a reform that can be taken lightly: “These things have to be well thought out, well planned, in depth and in form,” he says.

In this sense, the minister calls for consensus and evokes a possible approval of Felipe VI: “The king himself already declared the other day that there are more and more ethical requirements for everyone. ” However, such a consensus, according to Calvo, will be difficult to achieve depending on the parties. In this case, he hopes to have the support of the People’s Party; but, as he explained in his interview with Canal 24 horas, he rejects the support of his government partners, United We Can, because of his anti-republican character.

Even so, the president stressed that it would be a process “without rush or fanfare”. But they are already thinking about it: “We are thinking about various issues in which we can trace an update of our form of parliamentary monarchy”, he concluded.

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