Carmen Calvo warns that “sometimes fascism appears with the flag of freedom”

Publication: Wednesday May 5, 2021 5:00 PM

The PSOE attributed its poor result in the Community of Madrid elections to the strategy of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. They assure that the candidate of the Popular Party won by speaking only of “reeds and hulls”. Vice-President Carmen Calvo admitted to having suffered a defeat they did not expect: “Ayuso has not been accountable these two years, neither the budgets nor the laws. If there is an electorate capable of understanding this, we must respect it. ”

In this sense, he insisted on the fact that “for a socialist, it is difficult to hear about canes, exes and cockles”, and specified: “We are used to playing politically with programs, responses, management and work ”. It was not the only allusion to the countryside. The vice president, who took part in an annual act in memory of the victims of Nazism, linked the word “freedom”, so used by Ayuso throughout the campaign, with the concentration camps.

“There are those who have told us that fascism sometimes appears with the flag of freedom. With the freedom of those who thought that the cleansing they should do in Europe has led to murders in the concentration camps,” Calvo stressed, also pointing to Casado for authorizing Ayuso to lead the PP “to the most radical speech and content of the Spanish right”.

In any case, although they assume defeat, they insisted that “the Spaniards and Spain are not there for that”, for “things unintelligible in Spanish politics, absolutely grotesque”, when ” this country has a pandemic and social recovery ”. And he took the opportunity to promote the good health enjoyed, he said, by the government of Pedro Sánchez: “It is in what it should be, in political stability, in the recovery funds and in the pursuit of job.”

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