Carmen Extremera, new HR Director at Grupo aFinance

The aFinance Group, specializing in real estate and financial services, has just appointed Carmen Extremera as the new Human Resources Director to drive the growth of the company.

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and a Master in Labor Relations and Human Resources from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Carmen Extremera has a long career spanning more than 30 years in the field of people management, accompanying large companies in your management and expansion challenges.

Her responsibility as Personnel Director at Massimo Dutti (Inditex) has stood out for more than 20 years, participating in the expansion, internationalization and positioning of the brand in 72 countries; as well as her arrival at the fashion firm Encuentro, with which she worked for more than two years as Director of Human Resources for the management of its 140 points of sale and head office.

In this new phase, Carmen Extremera will be in charge of the human resources department of Grupo aFinance, a leader in real estate and financial services, with a great specialization in the prime sector. As Extremera explains: “I am passionate about people, talent and my career is linked to the evolution of large companies in times of change. The aFinance Group has excellent professionals related to the fields of real estate and finance, and our goal is to continue to grow, motivate the team, attract talent and invest in the incorporation of people who contribute to growth. of the group “.

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