Carreras Grupo Logístico relies on Microsoft for its transformation

We love to talk about digital transformation success stories. Especially if they are Spanish companies looking to improve themselves. In this case we are talking about Carreras Grupo Logístico, which has positioned itself as one of the leaders in its sector.

This company decided that Microsoft was the only one helping them take the step towards digital transformation. The goal is to change the way employees work, digitize the cloud for business management and improve the architecture of their data.

Carreras Grupo Logístico continues to grow with Microsoft

Every business is a unique situation and that is why the work should be tailored, like a costume. In this way, a customer’s needs are met. The following Microsoft partners have contributed to this transformation:

Minsait who led the migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s holistic business management solution. Optimize and achieve all career integrations with ERP. All this with an Azure environment adapted to the Racing activity. Seidor has been in charge of the adoption of productivity and collaboration tools. Here, teams and Sharepoint enter the scene and change the way we work Raona focused on the digital valuation of the employee, materialized on the intranet and the employee portal of Grupo Carreras. All this was possible with the implementation, within a quick time to market, of its accelerators on M365 / SharePoint for internal communication in the new Digital Workplace of the Carreras Group. Plain Concepts took responsibility for creating an enterprise data architecture. For ingestion, cataloging, governance and management of all data from all platforms used in careers, through Microsoft Azure.

From an on-premises ERP to a holistic cloud and business management solution

Carreras had operational management solutions on site. Specifically, the services worked with desktop applications and web applications that provided information to Dynamics NAV. Now, with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud by Minsait, Carreras has achieved the goal of standardizing processes and having the best technological platform to face new business challenges.

“With Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, the whole business is connected. We know all operations and process management in real time, which saves time and money. In addition, in terms of security, we have an autonomous system. This allows us to control the access of each user in each database or environment. In a simple and intuitive way, we can assign functions to different types of users according to their role or department, ”explains Javier Ibáñez Zaldívar, CIO of Grupo Carreras.

The various divisions of the group – which operates throughout Europe – and has a portfolio of more than 1,700 consumer, industrial and other goods – are now integrated into the same system. In addition, operations have been centralized with a functionally complete and flexible tool capable of adapting to any change.

A change in corporate culture

Carreras’ digital transformation route has also resulted in a change in corporate culture, since its more than 2,000 employees needed solutions to be able to optimize their processes, align their communication, in addition to taking a step forward. in a sector. where what really matters is customer service.

Now Microsoft 365 provides Carreras with a cloud-based email service that protects the business from the threat of unknown viruses and malware, access to sales literature and tools that enable new paradigms of work, such as Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint. Carreras has adopted these productivity tools, in the hands of the partner Seidor, in order to help all the personnel of the company to cover their needs with the maximum guarantees of security in the fields of communication, collaboration, data management and analysis. , no matter where they operate from, thanks to the cloud.

With the new Modern Workplace integrating the entire Microsoft 365 platform, Carreras launches, with Raona, its intranet and employee portal, successfully centralizing all its communications, access and employee applications for its entire group of employees. activities.

“Communication is essential in a change as relevant as the one we are making, bringing all people via the web or the APP to all applications, information and all people in a simple and integrated way allows us to Carrying out change management continues to improve, ”said Javier Ibáñez Zaldívar, CIO of Grupo Carreras.

A data architecture in Azure for knowledge extraction

Built on Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) tools, Carreras has an automated, customizable and scalable Plain Concepts databricks-based platform that stores data and offers an integrated data catalog service, lineage control centralized data, audits and notifications.

The data stored in the data lake powers Power BI. This business intelligence tool enables Careers employees to harness the power of the cloud. Connect, model and explore data with visual reports that simplify your daily life.

“With Power BI, career managers have a broad and accurate picture of every process. At the same time, they have a 360 ° view of their area, making it easier for them to make strategic decisions based on real information. This gives them greater clarity in the evaluation of the results ”, underlines Juan Carlos Arribas, head of control at Racing.

In short, Carreras wanted to strengthen its position at the cutting edge of technology in its sector and therefore opted for the cloud solution from Microsoft. This move to the cloud is also another example of Carreras’ commitment to sustainability, which he shares with the Redmond company.

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