Cars that talk to the city they drive through

# SomosFuturo is a project to inspire young people and make them protagonists of the future. We want to boost your talent and awaken your passion for scientific knowledge. They are the engine to conquer tomorrow.

This web series is an exciting journey in 32 video-stages starring the most popular popularizers of science. In this episode, the sixteenth of the series, the well-known Fission Doctor gives an account of the possibilities of autonomous vehicles, which today are capable of delivering a pizza or delivering packages by themselves and that, not too late, will end up being better drivers That humans. A person with all his alert senses is able to detect a threat and react in 200 milliseconds; one of these cars, in 15. Will a world without traffic accidents be possible? With how many elements of the city – the traffic lights, the signs, the road … – will the car need to communicate to achieve this? Discover this and much more in the video.

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