Casado accuses Sánchez of being a “coward” and “of not being a good person” and calls the overhaul of the government “escabechina”

For Pablo Casado, Pedro Sánchez threw his people overboard after the president’s profound reshaping of government. “He showed that he is not a good person and that he was able to annihilate, to make a massacre in his own people”, denounced the leader of the popular one, who insisted during an act committed this Sunday in Ermua (Bizkaia).

The greatest burden for Spain, as he continued, is him: “Sánchez has knocked down the walls carrying his own political history. He was right in what he said about the green and digital government: it is a government of ministers who are very green and all fingering. ”Thus, Casado demanded that the president of the government call an election: “We have changed the puppets, but we keep the one who moves them: who is Rufián, Torra, Aragonés and Bildu.

“This is why this government continues to be the most radical in all of Europe and the most radical in our history,” continued to denounce Pablo Casado. Because, for the Popular Party, the objectives of this remodeling are not exactly those announced by Sánchez. “It is not aimed at economic recovery, nor social recovery, nor the best for Spain and the Spaniards,” said the mayor of Madrid and national spokesperson for the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, on LaSexta Noche. .

Thus, Almeida believes that Sánchez “aims his general elections and sees how he remains in power”. In the same program, the popular leader launched this reflection: “We do not have a Prime Minister with the force necessary to touch the other wing of the government. Also in Podemos I think there were more than enough reasons to be able to dismiss some of the ministers. ”An idea shared by Ciudadanos.

“Everything remains the same. The problem is Sánchez. He and this government are wronging Spain. He is not going to deceive us: no one will forget the graces, the table of shame,” said Edmundo Bal , national spokesperson for Citizens. . Because what about the new ministers, as he clarified, is a simple change of stickers: “The album remains the same. It is an album that belongs to Podemos, Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña and Bildu “The opposition agrees that Sánchez must leave the post as soon as possible.

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