Casado believes that the PP represents “better” the “moderate social democrats” than Sánchez

Posted: Sunday December 6 2020 10:22

Pablo Casado assures in an interview with “El Mundo” that the defense of the rule of law and “political pluralism” are the policies which unite “even the social democrats disenchanted by Sánchez”.

For Casado, the Constitution “is the solution” and not the “problem” to achieve “national reconciliation and the success of democracy and the rule of law”, which, according to him, “aimed” We can and “the sanchista party”.

“To say that the PP is at the center is not to face any other party, because that is where we have always been”, defends Casado. He assures us that he does not believe in a Spain “with clubs and bipolar”, which he says “radical extremists on both sides of the chamber” want.

Regarding the Celaá law, Casado underlines the solutions for which his party opts: “appeal to the Constitutional Court and to Europe; let us pledge that, as soon as we arrive in government, we will repeal it immediately, and in the meantime the autonomies of the PP will take decrees and laws, if necessary, to preserve freedom, structure, quality and equity as well “.

“The PP is the common house of the Spanish center, in which I think there are many social democrats who believe in national unity, equal opportunities and freedom”, he insists. . Regarding the reform of the judiciary, Casado affirms that “the PP guarantees respect for judicial independence” and ensures that the blockade is carried out by the PSOE.

“The renewal must take place in Parliament, with three-fifths. Our request remains the same as that which I registered in 2018 in the Senate: strengthening of judicial independence by a change in the election of members, transition to the model constitutional, ”he adds.

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