Casado calls for Sánchez’s resignation due to pardons in debate full of applause for both leaders

Posted: Wednesday June 23 2021 9:27 AM

The government review session began with very vehement speeches and Pablo Casado’s request for the resignation of Pedro Sánchez. The leader of the Popular Party has once again accused the Prime Minister of having “betrayed his oath by defending the national unity and equality of all Spaniards”.

Asimismo, ha insisted in la falta de “utilidad pública” de esta medida de gracia, como ha venido defendiendo Sánchez, y ha señalado en los intereses personales del Ejecutivo, que a su juicio, utilizan la cuestión catalana y los indultos para mantenerse en el power.

In the light of these statements, the president recalled that businessmen and Catalan bishops supported the pardons of the leaders of the trial and accused the leader of the opposition of “insulting” them. “He insults everyone, bishops, businessmen, unions, associations, he says that they do not represent anyone. He equates social dialogue with a tennis match, is it democracy that he considering? “, addressing the ‘popular’ bench.

In his speech, he also defended that “this measure is courageous, restorative” and, as the institutional statement on Tuesday argues, “it is in favor of harmony and coexistence” with the aim of “reducing discord “and to re-establish dialogue with Catalonia. .

Already this morning, the Chief Executive defended in an editorial in ‘El País’ the economic importance of this measure of grace. Today, he says, with the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the arrival of European funds “we are facing a historic opportunity to reform our economy and correct structural problems”.

This is why “Catalonia has the opportunity to become a benchmark again not only in Spain, but also in Europe and Latin America”. In this sense, as he has done on other occasions, he insisted on the fact that “Catalonia without Spain would not be European, prosperous or plural”; as well as “Spain without Catalonia, it just wouldn’t be Spain”.

In this article, he also referred to sectors of society that have shown support for pardons bestowed on trial leaders, such as businessmen or bishops. According to him, there are more and more citizens who accept this measure because “they understood that it is carried out from the strict defense of constitutional values”.

“In recent weeks, growing support for pardons has spread to all areas of society, from progressive sectors to traditionally conservative sectors, such as businessmen or bishops,” he said. emphasized in this regard.

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