Casado refuses to present a motion of censure to Sánchez and does not rule out agreeing with Vox

Update: Sunday 04 July 2021 13:58

Posted: 04.07.2021 13:56

Aware that they are not given “the figures in Parliament”, the head of the PP, Pablo Casado, advocates “censorship” in the ballot box of the government of Pedro Sánchez, an executive whose social reforms he will repeal if he wins the next legislative elections. .

This is what Pablo Casado said in an interview with the newspaper La Razón in which he admits that, despite the fact that Vox and Ciudadanos are asking him for a motion of censure, “he would need the nationalist parties, including the independence parties. , to “support him” to remove Sánchez from the government “.

In this sense, Casado claimed that if he came to government in the next general election, he would repeal all social reforms of Sánchez’s coalition executive.

“We are going to make a palliative law against euthanasia, a law of concord against the doctrine of historical memory, a law on maternity, which is already implemented not only in the Community of Madrid, but also in Galicia, with help from those who decide to be a mother. And always positive: I want to talk to women who want to be mothers and who have all the resources to do so freely, “she added.

Marié undertakes to ban pardons and to create new crimes

Regarding Catalonia, Casado said that Sánchez “lies” when he says that he will not call a referendum: “To know what will happen, you have to read Iceta, who has already said that Catalonia can be determined on certain questions ”.

But Casado affirmed that if the improvement of the financing and the competences of Catalonia occurs in the multilateral framework, the PP will support it “as long as all the autonomous communities also benefit from the new model”.

“Our example is the model of the year 2002, with an absolute majority of the PP, but with the support of the PSOE and the main moderate nationalist parties.

And that it included an update factor that would have allowed it to survive over time without the tolls that CiU and ERC imposed on Rodríguez Zapatero, ”he said.

Casado pledged to “strengthen the state by prohibiting pardons for crimes against the Constitution and by creating the crimes of illegal referendum, abusive rebellion without recourse to violence and disobeying the resolutions of the Constitutional Court”.

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