Casado refuses to talk about Cospedal’s accusation in Kitchen or why the PP does not open a case

Updated: Thursday 03 June 2021 14:07

Posted: 03.06.2021 14:06

The President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, on Thursday avoided answering questions that revolved around the accusation of the former general secretary of his formation, María Dolores de Cospedal, because, as he indicates, he is not not its responsibility to “evaluate the” for which you do not have “information.

This was expressed by the leader in statements to the media during his visit to Ceuta, in which he recalled that four months ago he said he would not talk about issues he “did not not “to evaluate. And now, he specifies: “These have nothing to do with my responsibility and even less with the concerns of the Spaniards, and the need for solutions that we have come to bring today”, he answered. applause from the activists, who in turn boo the arrests of journalists.

More specifically, some participants launched their boos by pointing out that Casado had come to the autonomous city to talk about other subjects. “I totally agree with these gentlemen,” said Casado himself.

Why was there a file on Fernández Díaz and not on Cospedal?

The position of Casado contrasts with the statutes of the Popular Party, which indicate that the accused members must open a case, and with the solutions taken in the past, since the former Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, opened the said file. .

In this sense, the president of the guarantees committee of the PP, Andrea Levy, explained in statements to LaSexta the “differences” between one case and the other: “What the regulation says is that it is is a public service, the regulations apply, but in this case is not a public service, that would be the difference, ”he said.

So, according to Levy, “Díaz held a public position”, which does not currently happen with Cospedal, and concludes: “You don’t have to put everyone in the same bag or have parallel trials to indict the PP. Moment, there is no decision made. ”

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