Casado warns Sánchez that he will be “jointly responsible” for what happens in the demonstrations for Hasél “if he does not arrest his vice-president”

Publication: Friday February 19, 2021 1:10 PM

Pablo Casado attacks Pedro Sánchez again because of the unrest generated during the demonstrations in favor of Pablo Hasél. The leader of the Popular Party insists that the Prime Minister must act against Pablo Iglesias because if he does not do it, “he will be jointly responsible for everything that happens”.

In this sense, he also called for “the resignation of ministers who justify the violence”. He did so despite the fact that no member of the government spoke out in favor of the unrest and several executive leaders have already condemned what happened during the protests.

In fact, Pedro Sánchez himself spoke about the riots during a hearing this morning. The executive leader made it clear that “violence is unacceptable for a full democracy like Spain” and that the government will act to deal with these events.

Statements that were not enough for the president of the PP, who considers that the Executive “must act jointly” and “if the president does not stop his vice-president, he will become jointly responsible for everything that happens”. Already this Wednesday in the control session, the “popular” demanded the dismissal of the leader of United We Can.

Likewise, Pablo Casado has shown his party’s “support” to the police for their work in “the serious disturbances that arise due to the arrest of a radical for extolling terrorism”.

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