Casado will appeal for pardons to the prisoners of the trial because “he does not admit the legality”

Updated: Tuesday June 22, 2021 10:33 AM

Posted: 22.06.2021 10:32

Pablo Casado will ask “the legitimacy to present an appeal against pardons” to the leaders of the trial because, he says, he is an “affected party”. This was stated in an interview with ‘Onda Cero’, in which he also assured that he did not admit the legality of this measure.

The leader of the “popular” defended that it was an “affected party” because, according to the report of the Civil Guard, it was part of the objectives of the CDR, the Committees for the defense of the Republic, which he reports to the independence prisoners that they will be released from prison.

“A judge took a statement from some CDRs who admitted that they were investigating me to attack. We can say that they are the continuation of 1-O, which Torra said to ‘squeeze’. We can say that we are the injured party, he argued in this interview.

Asked about the legality of this measure, he specified that he “does not admit it” because “the law of pardon of the nineteenth century specifies that the public prosecutor or the trial court has something to say. also stressed again that Pedro Sánchez “said ‘no’ to more political pardons”, which he does not respect now.

If you want a reunion, there is the Constitution and the law; if you want something else, there is the law “

Precisely, for the leader of the opposition, the Prime Minister is the culprit of the situation, which, according to him, has been demonstrated with the departure of Iglesias, and accuses him of acting “personally and selfishly to remain in peace. power”. “If you want a reunion, there is the Constitution and the law; if you want something else, there is the law ”, he underlined in a very harsh speech.

Already this Monday he defended himself after knowing the measure that the solution went through his party and to win the next elections. His proposal, he said today, “is that given by the Constitution” and, according to him, that “Catalonia to get out of this spiral of unemployment does not require a change in the legal and territorial framework”, but “it is possible to speak.”

In this regard, he declared that he was not proposing to reform the territorial framework because “whatever we want to decide for Spain, we have to decide it for all Spaniards”. In this sense, it was asked “who is Catalan, who is registered or who has eight Catalan names”. According to him, independence is only a “political ploy” and the chief executive uses it “to change the system of the Constitution which he abhors”.

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