Casado will appeal the “Celaá law” to the Constitutional Court and Ayuso will present a “reform in the opposite direction” in Madrid

Posted: Sunday November 22 2020 12:17 PM

The President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has announced that he will appeal the reform of the education law, known as the “Celaá law”, to the Constitutional Court and the community institutions that establish educational freedom . “This law will last as long as it takes us to reach the government. We will repeal this law because it is bad for the future of our children, it is bad for national unity and terrible for the educational community”, Casado said.

This is what the president of the PP declared during the demonstration in Madrid, called by the More Plural Platform in favor of a concerted education and against the “Celaá law”. Likewise, Casado guaranteed that in the autonomous communities where the PP governs, they “will do their utmost to legislate and avoid the devastation” raised by the organic law amending the LOE LOMLOE.

The popular leader thanked the parents who demonstrate “peacefully” and maintain the security measures and asked the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, “to listen to the families”, for whom he asked for “freedom”. . According to him, education is “the lever for the development of a nation as important as Spain”, which is why he spoke out in favor of families’ freedom of choice, of Spanish as the lingua franca. and defended concerted education and special education.

For her part, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, assured that LOMLOE, “was born dead” and argued that the PP of the region will present an “educational reform” in the “opposite direction”, which will include teachers, with the educational community and with families. “We want to improve the quality of education. I don’t know any parent who wants their children to receive the approved children simply because, as I don’t know the families who, because they are Spanish, are expelled from their own land, from their country, simply because they want it. keep learning in spanish, ”Ayuso told the media at the event, attended by the mayor of the capital, Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, and Casado.

We will take this defense for the right to choose education at all courts “

Likewise, the regional leader warned the central government that he would bring “this constitutional defense of the right to choose to all the courts, to all the instances that are necessary”. In this key, he questioned this “absurd counter-reform” and criticized the PSOE for “having promised” a state pact for education but in the end “it only deals politically with its partners. Bildu and separatists ”.

Ayuso understands that Spain needs “unity and freedom” and that this law “goes in the opposite direction”, for which he affirmed that the regional executive will continue to guarantee “all families” the possibility of choose the type of education and the center, “especially for parents who have children with a certain type of disability”. “What we do not understand is how, due to meanness or ignorance, it is planned to gradually dilute the centers that so many families choose for their children in such delicate situations” , censured Ayuso, who added that the PP of Madrid will present a law in the Assembly of Madrid to protect the freedom of choice of families.

Citizens and Vox join in criticism against the “ Celaá law ”

These criticisms were joined by Vox, whose members also participated in the protest with vehicles against the Education Act (LOMLOE). The spokesperson for the far-right formation in the Congress of Deputies, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, assured, about the “Celaá law”, that this government “has restricted the freedoms of citizens in many respects”. And he added: “At Vox, we have said that we will appeal this law to the Constitutional Court and that, when it is up to us, we will overturn it.”

Vox’s goal, according to Espinosa de los Monteros, is “to put into practice a law that really serves all Spaniards”. On this subject, he added: “Education is the real social lift, the countries which have developed the most in the last 50 years, whether we look at Asia or Europe, are those where the education has been an instrument of growth. , an ingredient for the best raw material of a nation, which are its nationals. “

“In Spain, we have a real raw material, it is the Spaniards, who do not deserve this attack on the Spanish, on concerted education, on differentiated education and on special education”, lamented the door. – speech of the extreme right group, which has affirmed that with this law “children with real needs cannot be integrated into ordinary education”, and that, consequently, “they will see their schools empty”.

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