Case of treason against Ayaz Sadiq

A few days ago, opposition MP Ayaz Sadiq in the Pakistani parliament denounced the country’s Imran Khan government. Ayaz had recounted that after the imprisonment of Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman of the Indian Air Force, there was a fear of India in the Pakistani government. Ayaz may now have to bear the brunt of spreading this truth to the world. In fact, according to reports, the country’s government is considering a case of betrayal on Ayaz.

Consider filing a treason case
According to media reports, the interior minister of the Imran government, Ejaz Shah, said on Saturday that a sedition case was being sought against Sadiq under article 6 of the constitution. Many petitions have also been sent to the government on this subject. He says these petitions are under consideration. Ejaz also told a public meeting that Sadiq should go to Hindustan.

Previously, Information Minister Shibli Faraj said that legal action could be taken against Ayaz Sadiq. At the same time, protests against Ayaz Sadiq are taking place across Pakistan. All over the posters, Ayaz Sadiq has been compared to Mir Jafar, portraying him as a traitor to the community.

Protest posters

What did Sadiq say?
Sadiq had told parliament that Shah Mahmood Qureshi was attending the meeting which Imran Khan refused to attend. Qureshi’s feet were shaking, his forehead was sweating. Qureshi said, “May God take him back because at 9 o’clock in the evening India is attacking Pakistan.” However, he later said that he made the statement due to political differences and that it was not fair to associate him with the Pakistani military.

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