Castilla y León believes that house arrest “is inevitable”

Posted: Monday, November 2, 2020 2:26 PM

Castilla y León leaves the door open to request house arrest. The council’s health adviser, Verónica Cadsado, acknowledged that “home birth is inevitable” given the current figures.

“This lockdown will exist because we need to stop the virus, although work, education and other aspects that we did not have in March are allowed, but we will have to limit non-essential activities and be at home , we will have to do it, “he said in an interview with CadenaSer, in which he also attributed the violent incidents in Burgos and León to” pandemic fatigue “.

Casado is also asking that the state take control now because “it no longer makes sense that it is in the hands of the communities”. But the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, for the moment excludes home confinement because he believes that the instruments and measures currently in place are sufficient.

“In March, abruptly, it was confined and everyone was put home. It was shut down. Also, for a few days the economy was completely shut down. And we understand that what it takes to do is to take measures gradually. We are introducing restrictions and the curfew, in itself, is a way towards this stage, ”explained the chairman of the board.

The one who has already taken the plunge is that of Asturias, who requested home delivery for 15 days, to which Health, according to LaSexta, has already responded. He communicated to the authorities of the Principality that this confinement is not possible today.

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