Castilla y León calls for containment like that of March to fight against the third wave

Publication: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 2:09 PM

Castilla y León Health Minister Verónica Casado has called for strict containment like the one in March to stop the third wave.

“It is better to take the decision of strict confinement for 10 or 14 days and put an end to it and it would be the right time to do it,” Casado assured at a press conference, what experts tell him. in Council health.

The counselor speaks directly about the third wave and there are already 140 people admitted to intensive care in the community and 550 in the neighborhood. The data is similar to late November, in the worst of the second wave.

But Casado acknowledged that at present, the community does not have the legal tools to lock the population in their homes as happened in the spring: “We are not tired, we are not tired, and we will not tire of asking for legal tools for it in case we need to. “

In addition, Casado stressed that experts point out that “all pending Christmas events” which can bring people together and where non-cohabitants congregate should be canceled.

“The Three Kings will take care of the gifts to bring them to the children, but we do not have to collect more than two bubbles of cohabitants at home tomorrow when the Kings come”, warned the head of Health.

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