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Mostly seventh in the top 14, the Tarnais will take part in European games next season.

Castres Olympique, who undoubtedly played their best home game of the season on Saturday evening and Toulon was still able to qualify with six attempts, were about to enter a new final phase. And given the quality and carefree of the camouflage troops at the moment, Racing wouldn’t have had it easy in the jump-off.

Yes, the Castres came very close to qualifying. They would have needed two points more to get past the Stade Français, because the Parisians had won both duels against CO this season. The thickness of two bonuses. Nothing if we remember the two defeats Pierre-Fabre suffered against Brive and Bordeaux in the last few minutes.

However, Pierre-Henry Broncan does not regret it. “There is no regret. We are first since January, but a season does not last six months. The top 14 are very tight and it is the first time that we know the qualifiers on the last day. I’m going to be the dam between Bayonne and watch Biarritz for the descent. Tonight I’m glad I got away from him … “

From barrage to European in five months

Within five months, the OK rose from 13th, the famous play-off place, to 7th place, which is not anecdotal as it offers a ticket to the European Cup. A significant consolation prize for this team turned upside down by January.

In September the Castres are sure to leave. A staff strengthened by the results of the last few months that could benefit from the contribution of Arnaud Mela or Yannick Caballero, an increasingly ambitious game that turns to the offensive and a group that will change little besides the regretted departures of Anthony Jelonch at the Stade Toulousain and Ma’ama Vaipulu for personal reasons. “It’s an adventure that is coming to an end, but the group will remain very strong, thinks Broncan. Technically, the players have reached a milestone. We’ll have to put it back in September, but we’re very worried.” Recovery after the international tours and the Olympic Games, not to mention our foreigners who have not returned to their homeland for months. “
However, this time we have to be ready by September 4th …

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