cat carries kittens in hospital viral video

It is said that no one can understand the pain of the child better than the mother, be it a human being or an animal. Something similar was observed in a Turkish hospital where a girl contacted the doctor to save her child’s life. Seeing the innocent child in the cat’s mouth, the doctors’ hearts melted. Now the video of this incident is being shared relentlessly on the Internet.

The video shows a Karabagler hospital in Izmir district, Turkey. We see in this video that a cat enters the hospital with its child in its mouth. There is a voice in the video that people ask cats to go to doctors. Previously, hospital staff also helped the cat by giving it food and water.

The nurse injected the drug into Billi’s eye
After examining the baby’s infant, the doctors and nurses discovered that the cat’s baby had an eye infection. The animal doctor was then consulted and asked for his help. In the video, a nurse is seen to inject medication into Billi’s eye so that he can get relief. Speaking to local media, a health worker said: “We gave food and water to the mother cat who lives on the streets here. However, we did not know that he had given birth to children.

The health worker said that when we started seeing patients in the morning, the cats showed their children. She asked for help and continued to purr for a long time. We were surprised. He said that when the child was examined, he found that his eyes did not open due to an infection. We went to the animal doctor and gave him some medication. After a while, when the child opened his eyes, we jumped for joy. The mother and child were sent to a retirement home. This is the first time this has happened to us.

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