Cat Viral News: Angry cat lands emergency plane in Sudan: Emergency plane landing due to cat in Sudan

Sudanese Tarco Airlines had to make an emergency landing. The reason was a cat. The cat reached the cockpit and attacked a pilot. According to an Al-Sudani media report, the flight was heading to Doha, the capital of Qatar, when a sudden cat attack left the pilots so upset they had to make an emergency landing.

The plane was in the air
This cat, which reached the cockpit of the flight from Khartoum to Doha, made a lot of noise. By this time, the aircraft had completed half of its flight and was in the air. The attention of the pilots was distracted by this sudden attack and the lives of those on board the aircraft were threatened. The crew also tried to control the cat but were extremely angry and aggressive.

Lost plane
The pilot then decided that the plane would be pulled back for everyone’s safety. According to al-Sudanese, the cat entered the plane while the plane was parked in the hangar. One night before the ship was cleaned up and a technical review was done which would have given the cat a chance to hide in the cockpit.

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