“Catalans and businessmen come to Madrid who want to be free”

Published: Sunday November 29 2020 11:33

The president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, declared that “the Catalans and the businessmen who want to be free move to Madrid”, in reference to the taxation in the Community, while she denounced “the very unfair treatment “that their autonomy received at the height of the second wave of the pandemic.

In an interview published this Sunday by “La Vanguardia”, the president of Madrid analyzed the agreement reached between the government and the pro-independence forces to harmonize regional taxes, and said: “If there is a need for a common fiscal policy in Spain , may be ours, which is the one that has worked best in all of Spain: to harmonize taxes down “.

“But I’m afraid they want to do the opposite just to force Madrid to raise most of our taxes. I’ll be anyone’s worst nightmare who wants to hit Madrid’s pocket,” insisted the president of the community.

In this sense, Ayuso called it “unfair” that Madrid’s tax policy is defined as “unfair and unfavorable”, and said that “it is another big lie to say that the Spanish are paying the tax cuts. for residents of Madrid “. “Madrid only keeps one euro in five collected. The people of Madrid pay a lot, life here is much more expensive. Nationalists and socialist communities lead to fiscal hell,” he said.

In addition, the president of Madrid stressed that “in a system where every time you hire there are more problems, that every time you go to get a mortgage too you kill the incentive”, she therefore advocated to give bonuses to anyone who creates jobs.

“Here we do not put obstacles and employers, young people, the middle classes do not have to fight with problems of legislation, labeling, taxes. There is legal certainty,” he said. he forbidden.

The president of Madrid stressed that the political situation had prompted her community to be the first generation of GDP, and declared that only one began to think “only of the land, only of the identity, and yes of those who are there. does not follow exactly what one wants or undertakes otherwise he is punished, in the end he leaves ”. “We come to Madrid to be left alone,” he repeated.

Madrid recorded the highest peak in infections in September and since then the incidence of the virus with open shops and restaurants has fallen by 70%, a business model it says it is “satisfied” with. “We have been able to contain the curve without having to do more damage to the private sector. We have always defended the discourse of freedom in Madrid, of health and of public-private collaboration. We are on the right track. other European capitals are watching us “, assured the president.

Ayuso said that economics and health “are neither antagonistic nor at odds” and defended that “you should never shut everything down”, among other things because “the traumatic measures of excessive closures and confinements cause depressions” , and because “Public services are paid for by the economy.”

Likewise, the president predicted that, if in Europe a third wave is to be feared in January, she does not believe that “we will know another like the two previous ones”, even if she stressed that it is not “far away” calm before Christmas and advised that it is necessary to avoid causing regrowth. Regarding the easing of restriction measures for Christmas in Madrid, Ayuso argued, “it will depend on the bridge”.

Faced with the comparison that Madrid had 2,294 dead between August 27 and November 15 and Catalonia 687, Ayuso said he neither competes “against anyone” nor does he compare “with anyone” and that the reality is that “The number of deaths in Madrid has continued to drop”.

In his opinion, the criticisms made of him as “reckless and irresponsible” “have helped him little” and that now “it has been shown that with Madrid there was very harsh and very unfair treatment”. The president denied being “in a Sánchez-Ayuso war”. “Otherwise I would say the citizens are our hostages and they haven’t been. I had to deal with a pandemic for which we barely had help and the decisions of the government were damaging to mine. Many times.”

Finally, criticizing the government’s policy in the face of the pandemic, Ayuso said that the central executive has no strategy and “is absent”. “He’s just announcing the good news,” said Ayuso, who predicts it will happen again “when the vaccine arrives” and Sánchez takes “the lead.”

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