Catalonia and Cantabria record the highest number of infections

Posted: Saturday 03 July 2021 14:32

Around 18.5 million people in Spain already have the full vaccination schedule (39%), and around 55% have at least one dose. From bite to bite, our country is moving at a good pace towards the target of 33 million people vaccinated set for the end of August. In the case of Catalonia, it is the turn of the over 16s.

However, despite the fact that Spain broke this Friday for the second day in a row a 24-hour vaccination record with 765,000 vaccinated, the cumulative incidence continues to climb and has reached its highest point in the last 14 days. According to data provided by the Ministry of Health, yesterday the national average was 152.84 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (high risk), although by age groups the figure is 449.82 among young people of 20 at age 29 and 406.13 for 12-year-olds. to 19. A worrying situation considering that the extreme risk is 250.

Experts consider Spain to be on the verge of a fifth wave, and although they maintain that it will be less aggressive than the previous ones, they ask not to let our guard down.

By Autonomous Communities, the incidence in most of the territories is at an average level, although Catalonia is of particular concern. It has over 23,000 confirmed cases in the past two weeks and is at extreme risk with an incidence of almost 300. Very close to Catalonia is Cantabria, with an incidence of over 240 cases, so it is also close to extreme risk. This Community has not had so many positive points since January.

Autonomous governments are already considering stopping de-escalation

For this reason, some governments, like that of the Valencian Community, are already considering stopping de-escalation. “If there is a greater impact in the hospital environment, decisions will necessarily have to be made,” said Ximo Puig.

Regarding hospital pressure, for the moment it is not increasing at the national level, and it stabilizes in the service below 2% and decreases in intensive care to just over 6%. And is that most infections are young, which are more lightly affected by the virus.

Despite this, the experts recall: “If we take the extreme of having many cases, statistically there is a smaller percentage that worsens and becomes serious, and may even have complications that make them go into intensive care” , alert José Félix Hoyo, epidemic expert. .

Ceuta, the only low risk

Only the Autonomous City of Ceuta is spared this black week from COVID-19 data. It is the only one at low risk, with only 23 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, although again the trend is on the rise. Therefore, the most important thing is to be aware and to take precautions because the virus is still there and we cannot let our guard down.

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