Catalonia and Cantabria return to curfew with agglomerations and files

Posted: Saturday July 17 2021 10:56 AM

161 municipalities in Catalonia have reinstated the curfew this evening between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. This is the latest measure that, approved by the Supreme Court of Catalonia, was decided to take to curb the alarming figures that are shared by the autonomous community.

With a cumulative incidence of 1,160.42 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days, as notified by the Ministry of Health on Friday, Catalonia decreed this decision for municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants with an incidence greater than 400 cases.

In the early hours of Saturday, Mossos and the local police opened a total of 45 cases, including 31 for not wearing a mask and the rest for excess of the number of people authorized or for consumption of alcoholic beverages. According to Guàrdia Urbana, there were a total of 4,357 people who did not respect the return to the curfew.

The pandemic data shared this Saturday by Catalonia is not helping, with an increase in hospitalizations and intensive care. In the past 24 hours, 8,130 new infections have been reported, with 1,427 people admitted for COVID-19 in hospitals, an increase of 78 people in a single day. There are 13 more people in the ICU, for a total of 272.

The good news is given, one more day, by the vaccination campaign. There are already 4,748,888 citizens who have received at least one dose of the vaccine, with 3,564,613 people on the full schedule, or half the population.

Cantabria, for its part, has also received the approval of the Cantabrian Superior Court of Justice (TSJC), which has authorized the restriction of traffic and meetings of up to six people between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. the community.

As of Saturday, the region saw a drop in the number of infections and hospitalized patients, but the cumulative incidence at 14 days continues to rise and stands at 570 cases per 100,000 population, and there are also two people more in ICU, where patients reach eight.

After the 290 cases the day before, in the last 24 hours 271 have been reported, 19 fewer, but the incidence at 14 days continues to increase from 566 to 570, although the increase is somewhat less than that of a day before when increased by seven points.

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