Catalonia and Madrid will reopen nightlife on June 21

Posted: Friday June 11 2021 2:48 PM

Los negocios del sector del ocio nocturno de Cataluña tienen previsto reabrir sus locales el próximo 21 de junio, con horario hasta las 03:30 horas de la madrugada -más 30 minutos de desalojo-, pistas de baile habilitadas y sin necesidad de guardar la distancia of security. This is reflected in the deal that the health ministry and industry employers closed on Friday.

Likewise, the Community of Madrid, with its current epidemiological situation which maintains -122 cumulative incidence points recorded this Thursday, plans to include the reopening of these establishments in the new health decree next week, which will materialize from Monday June. 21. These stores have been closed since the start of the pandemic, and their reopening is one of the group’s most insistent demands.

As for Catalonia, the Catalan Federation of Catering and Musical Activities Associations (FECASARM) detailed in a statement that these nightlife venues can have 50% of the capacity indoors and 100% outdoors. stranger, and customers should wear the mask even on the dance floor, where it cannot be eaten. The Ministry of Health has confirmed the agreement, which is now awaiting final approval from the Pla territorial de protecció civil de Catalunya (PROCICAT).

During the meeting, the leisure sector had requested that the reopening can take place before June 21 “to avoid two weekends of bottles and illegal parties”, as well as to facilitate a gradual reactivation for the feast of Sant Joan. FECASARM President David López also urged the Generalitat to review the regulations every fortnight, taking into account the evolution of the epidemic, and to allow a broader schedule and capacity for entrepreneurs who carry out preliminary tests on their premises.

FECASARM also reminded that most nightlife venues had been closed for 15 months, but that some, like those in coastal areas, had already accumulated 20 months, because they had not opened since September 2019. The employers’ association described as “historic” the meeting and stressed the importance of the decision for a sector which directly or indirectly employs about 40,000 people and which has resulted in losses of 4,000 million euros.

Madrid is preparing to reopen

Next Monday, a new meeting with the nightlife sector will determine its gradual opening in Madrid, as confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid Plan, Antonio Zapatero. One of the unknowns was what would become of the nightlife, closed in the Community of Madrid, except to serve as a restaurant, as they were allowed months ago.

Based on current data, next week the reopening from June 21 of the establishments that make up the nightlife sector in the Madrid region will be included in the new health decree. In fact, the epidemiological improvement in the Community also led to the opening of the centers for the elderly on the same June 21st.

The government of the Community of Madrid has brought before the National Court the decree that Health has presented to the Interterritorial Council on restrictions on nightlife. The contentious-administrative chamber ruled in favor of the regional government and provisionally suspended the execution of the measures approved in the region. Specifically, if the very precautionary measure was not adopted, the magistrates estimated, the scenario of uncertainty “would be seriously aggravated and undermined if a change in the level of restrictions was accepted”.

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