Catalonia detects first two cases of Indian variant of coronavirus

Published: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 6:51 PM

The Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Argimon, explained that the first two cases of the Indian variant of the coronavirus have been detected in Catalonia.

During the weekly telematic press conference to report on the epidemic and vaccination situation, Argimon explained that it is “normal” that cases have been detected in Catalonia while there are also cases in other regions of Spain.

One of the cases is “clear” because it belongs to a citizen who visited India, while the second is under consideration, argimon said.

Five isolated boats

At least 26 sailors from five ships moored in the ports of Valencia, Bilbao and Vigo have tested positive for the coronavirus, including some of the Indian variant, so all their crews are in quarantine, according to authorities in these cities.

In Canarias estudian también otro posible caso de un infectado de la variant india, that viajaba in a petrolero that is encuentra fondeado in el puerto de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria desde el pasado 1 de mayo, cuando fue evacuado al Hospital Universitario Doctor Negrín de la capital city.

In Vigo, four crew members of the Prometheus Leader spacecraft are hospitalized – one of them in the ICUs – out of a total of seven infected on board with the Indian variant of the coronavirus, according to the latest report on Sergas, the body that manages hospitals and public health centers in Galicia. The Singapore-flagged vessel has a crew of Indian and Filipino nationals, some of whom were recently in New Delhi and flew to London to join the vessel which left the British port of Southampton in southern England.

The Prometheus Leader has been moored in the port of Vigo since last week with the crew quarantined on board and must be kept until at least May 10, unless the owner decides to replace the crew and continue. his way. In Bilbao, three crew members of the Stavanger Pearl ship, two of them of Indian nationality, have tested positive for COVID-19 and are seeking asylum with a fourth suspected case, while the rest of the crew also remain in quarantine inside the boat. .

According to the Bilbao Port Authority, the first two crew members affected were transferred with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 to Cruces hospital, where they underwent the corresponding PCR tests, and then another member of crew tested positive. The three remain isolated in a hotel in Derio (Biscay), where there is also another sailor who initially tested negative, but who has symptoms compatible with the disease.

The ship, which is destined for Rotterdam, docked at the Punta Sollana quay in the port of Bilbao last Sunday, with 21 crew members from the port of El Suweis (Suez Canal). In the port of Valencia, thirteen sailors from two ships are confined after testing positive for coronavirus, although none of them require hospital treatment at this time, so they remain in quarantine inside the ships , while the virus variant is analyzed.

More specifically, seven crew members of the Skiathos I ship, from the Marfret shipping company, and six members of the Maersk UTAH, from the Maersk company have tested positive, according to sources from the government delegation of the Valencian Community. Infected people have their temperature taken twice a day to monitor their progress, which, for the moment, is positive, and any contacts they may have had are monitored.

The two ships arrived at the port of Valencia on May 1 and that in their crews there were sailors showing symptoms of COVID-19: six in the “ Maersk Utah ” and four in the “ Skiathos I ”, although eventually the PCR tests left a balance of six infected in the first and seven in the second. The Port Authority of Valencia has authorized the berthing of ships, coming from Algeciras and Barcelona, ​​in safe inland waters and away from any commercial activity, to be able to deal more easily with infected people and ensure better compliance. quarantine and protocols.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands is studying a possible case of a variant of the Indian strain in a crew member of that nationality of an oil tanker anchored in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. since May 1, when he was evacuated to Doctor Negrín University Hospital in the capital. The Liberian-flagged vessel Cielo di Hanoi had been in the port of Gran Canaria for a week until April 26, and when in waters near El Hierro, it had to return to La Luz after detecting the case. possible COVID of the crew. member., now admitted to hospital.

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