Catalonia, doomed to electoral rehearsal? ERC and Junts move away 15 days after the inauguration

Publication: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 12:53

Catalonia seems doomed to electoral rehearsal. May 26 is the deadline for the investiture of the next president of the Generalitat, but negotiations between Junts and Esquerra Republicana have exploded.

Father Aragonès has announced that he will try to govern alone in the absence of an agreement after months of negotiations. Although, in this case, he would need the votes of the communes and five “yeses” from the PSC, which made it clear that Salvador Illa should be president because he won the last elections.

“83 days have passed since the elections and the negotiations show the enormous difficulties in reaching an agreement and forming a government with the Junts. ERC has come to the conclusion that the country cannot wait any longer and we take the responsibility to start the legislature with a single government, ”added the leader of the ERC.

Faced with these statements, Junts demanded “responsibility” and urged the separatist formations to “quit ultimatums and threats” and resume negotiations. “We are not going to get up from the table. We have to put the brakes on and do a ‘reset’,” Miriam Nogueras told Congress.

Junts calls for responsibility and calls on separatists to “stop threats” and resume negotiations

Likewise, the deputy spokesperson for JxCAT called on those of Esquerra to “decide to agree on the crumbs with Moncloa” and to explain “the real reason why they got up from the table”. He also asked them to deny the statements of Jaume Asens, who assured not to have independence in their roadmap.

A message that Gabriel Rufián denied, who accused Asens of “lying or knowing nothing” and defended that “ERC does not lower its goals and the party’s dream is independence for Catalonia”. He also approached Nogueras to ask him “to accept the election results”.

Despite the differences, the ERC deputy made it clear that he does not see “a possible electoral rehearsal” because it would be “terribly harmful” and, he said, they do not even want to “comment”. Yes, he categorically rejected the possibility of making Salvador Illa president because “the project is incompatible”.

Precisely, the candidate of the Catalan Socialists has again defended, as he did after the elections, that it was up to him to form a government in Catalonia. “I won the elections and it’s up to me to articulate the majority of the left,” he said in an interview with “TVE”.

Salvador Illa defends that it is up to him to form a government because he won the elections

Illa spoke with Aragonès, but not about the formation of a cadre. And it is that, according to the socialist, ERC “made it clear that they had made a cordon sanitaire against the CPS”. Thus, he denied that they are going to facilitate any other government to avoid electoral rehearsal because he won the elections and because other parties “have independence as their objective” and that “this will not happen” .

For her part, CUP spokesperson in Congress, Mireia Vehí, spoke of the “ghost of the elections” warning that the independence movement has already lost “enough votes” with the last elections and “the prospect of new elections is the worse could happen “to the region. He also criticized a possible pact of the Aragonese with the Socialists, which does not seem “viable” to him.

Faced with this panorama of negotiations, the formations have 15 days to reach an agreement in order to guarantee the progress of the investiture of May 26. If this fails, new elections must be called after 54 days, July 19.

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