Catalonia offers a Christmas with meetings of up to 10 people and maintaining the curfew at 10 p.m.

Published: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 10:10 AM

Government and autonomous communities are debating this Wednesday at the Interterritorial Health Council on a question that puts citizens on suspense: the Christmas project in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the central executive will present administrators with a plan that contemplates a flexible curfew on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (from 1:00 a.m. on those dates) and limit meetings to six people, several communities have already presented. their own strategies. Before the holidays.

In the case of Catalonia, the government announced last week a plan to gradually open up activities – there, until last Monday, the hotel business was closed – in four phases, which also include the Christmas period. .

In principle, each stage of this plan lasts 15 days and will be evaluated according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation. If all goes according to plan, Christmas and New Years Eve will be part of Phase 3, which would begin on December 21.

In this phase, the first will be allowed to extend the meetings to more than six people, coinciding precisely with the holidays. Thus, up to 10 people corresponding to two bubbles of conviviality or to one “elongated” bubble could meet for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinner.

However, the night shift would be maintained between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., without authorities announcing any exceptions for the holidays at this time.

Regarding mobility, in this third phase, entry and exit restrictions on the territory of the Autonomous Community will be lifted, as well as mobility restrictions during weekends (currently they are by municipalities, but it is expected that they will become regional in the second phase).

However, the limited capacity will be maintained at 50% in religious events – affecting, for example, the traditional Rooster Mass – and at 70% in cultural activities – up to a maximum of 500 people.

Stores can open 50% and shopping centers 30%, except in their common areas. The hotel industry remains in this phase limited to 50% indoor capacity and no specific capacity limit on the terraces, where however a safety distance of two meters must be respected.

Reyes, in the last phase

If the pandemic situation continues to develop favorably, the fourth and final phase of the opening plan would begin on January 4, in time for Three Kings Day. In this last phase, however, the curfew and meeting limits are maintained, although there are no restrictions on mobility. On the other hand, the capacity of shopping centers is increased to 50%, except in common areas.

You can consult in detail in this document the restrictions that will in principle be applied in Catalonia during the Christmas dates:

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