Catalonia urges government to make telework compulsory in the face of third wave of pandemic

Publication: Wednesday, January 6, 2021 7:37 PM

The vice-president of the government acting as president, Pere Aragonès, urged the central government to immediately dictate the compulsory nature of telework for the jobs in which it is possible to cope with this third wave of the pandemic. In the event that it “does not dare” to take the plunge, Catalonia urges the central executive to transfer powers to be able to do so.

As Aragonès pointed out, in an interview with EFE, he believes that this measure should have been taken “weeks ago”, when the number of infections started to increase.

In addition, the interim president assures that if the percentage of teleworking is increased “from 8 or 10% currently to 30%”, mobility could be reduced and some of the activity restrictions taken to stop the pandemic could be avoided.

At the same time as the measure of the compulsory nature of teleworking, Catalonia will ask the central government that the ERTE be extended beyond the end of January and that its benefits be paid without delay, and that there be a “direct aid” to the workers. businesses and other affected groups. Thus, he asks the executive to act accordingly and not to “give up his functions”.

Within the community itself, a municipal lockdown has been announced which will take effect between January 7 and 17. He also argued that he will allocate 36 million in aid to affected sectors.

In this sense, the vice-president of the government and Minister of the Economy assures us that “Catalonia is not Germany, but if it were an independent state, we would have the means to face the billing losses of the sectors. concerned “.

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