Catalonia will facilitate home-based PCR tests

Publication: Thursday, April 22, 2021 1:33 PM

The Generalitat of Catalonia will begin a new screening strategy next week. In this way, citizens will be able to go to primary care centers to collect a self-sampling kit, with which they can perform a home PCR test, and then return it for analysis.

As explained by the Minister of Health of the Catalan Ministry, Alba Vergés, the intention is that this monitoring be carried out in series: the most affected localities will be identified on the basis of their epidemiological data and every 15 days which territories will be reviewed. Access the tests.

In addition, these kits are also aimed at a very specific group: those under 70 years old. “The citizen will withdraw this kit from the center, he will register in an application and at his home he will do the nasal self-sampling of the PCR”, explains the advisor.

At the same time, the Generalitat has confirmed that Lleida, Girona and the region of central Catalonia will be the first to implement this system. According to Vergés, thanks to this request, the capacity of the four large Catalan laboratories to produce PCR tests is promoted. More precisely, 15,000 per day would be reached.

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