Catalonia will rethink the use of masks “in the coming weeks”

Publication: Monday, May 17, 2021 11:35

Spain is starting to envision a future without a mask. After almost a year of living with them – they have been mandatory since May 21 – some Autonomous Communities are already setting an expiration date for their use, at least in outdoor spaces.

Catalonia is the last case: Marc Ramentol, Secretary General of Health of the Generalitat, assured that the department will rethink its use “in the weeks to come”.

Speaking to RAC1, Ramentol said that “depending on the knowledge acquired in other countries and the evolution of the pandemic, it will undoubtedly be a debate that we will have on the table in the coming weeks”.

The government considers that at least 30% of the population will have the full immunization schedule and that more than half of the population will have received a dose, which will help the summer to “look more like 2019 than it does 2020. “said Ramentol. .

Earlier, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the Xunta de Galicia, had already declared that if the Galicians continued to behave “with the caution that the situation advises”, [[LINK:EXTERNO||||||las mascarillas iban a ser cosa del pasado –al menos, en exteriores- en menos de dos meses]]. This places July and August as the key months to determine its obligation in Galicia, where 43.6% were partially immune to the virus.

More careful was the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno. The popular one called for caution and did not set a precise date for his possible farewell: “I believe that he will accompany us for a long time in certain activities (…) I would not speak of suppressing them until we are over 80 years old. % of the population vaccinated and with a very low incidence rate. “In Andalusia, 34.6% of citizens have received at least one vaccine against COVID.

What does health say

The end of masks is linked to the vaccination rate. Health, to eliminate them externally, has put an essential condition on the table: to have at least 50% of the population vaccinated, even if it seems to opt for 70% to be insured. If we take the first figure as a reference, the week of July 7 would already reach the mark of 20 million Spaniards vaccinated. If you take 70%, you will have to wait until August 18 to get it. This is the date that has been set to obtain the so-called “collective immunity”.

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