Catalonia will vaccinate people over 40 with Janssen in the most vulnerable areas with trucks open until 10 p.m.

Vaccination trucks. This is the latest initiative of the Generalitat of Catalonia to try to stop the contagion of the coronavirus. Health Minister Josep Maria Argimon stressed that since Wednesday vaccination trucks have been circulating to offer the vaccine to people over 40 who have not yet received doses, and that they will administer even at night “if necessary”.

The Generalitat will not detail when they will pass or where to avoid a call effect, explained Argimon in an interview with TV3, in which he reported that he will be vaccinated especially with Janssen (because it is a dose) and that the requests will not be met. vaccination in trucks for people under 40 years of age.

More precisely, these are six-seater trucks, used as “camper vans” in automobile competitions and adapted to health needs. They will circulate on a roving basis and reach areas that need to increase vaccination, to immunize the most vulnerable groups.

Now, the majority of COVID patients admitted to Catalan ICUs are between 40 and 69 years old, and they are people who, for the most part, have not been vaccinated or have only received a single dose; although there are a few cases in patients who have received the full regimen, it is “anecdotal”, the minister said.

Holidays and contagion

The minister also warned that they would monitor possible COVID-19 infections that occur among people attending the festivals that took place this weekend with recording. Thus, he explained that in 15 days they will cross the databases of the participants with those of any positive detected, as was done with the class groups during the course and with those who were at the polling stations during the elections. 14F.

Argimon recalled that the Procicat approved the celebration of three major festivals (Canet Rock, Vida and Cruïlla) and two clinical trials in concerts (at the Sala Apolo and at the Palau Sant Jordi) to prove that in spaces with tests and of masks the likelihood of contagion was “minimal”.

However, he stressed that he “didn’t like at all” the images of people without masks and without a safe distance over the weekend, which moved organizers. In addition, he asked the Cruïlla Festival – which will be held from July 8 to 11 – to take extreme precautions so that the participants wear the mask at all times, and he recalled that in the antigen tests which are carried out during these events there may be false negatives.

Nightlife closure

After the government’s decision to shut down nightlife for 15 days in confined spaces, he agreed that the sector is not “solely responsible” for risky situations, because the way in which everyone behaves also has an influence.

In ese sentido, Argimon ha afirmado que otras medidas para frenar los contagios habrían sido “mucho más drásticas”, no llegarían al foco del problema y afectarían más al bienestar de las personas ya la economía, y ha augurado que los contagios durante toguirán altos summer.

He also said that with the new plan proposed by the Generalitat for nightlife, people who have the COVID-19 certificate or recent tests, around 12 hours, will be able to enter discos, because with the “speed of contagion “current already tests do not work 24 hours before.

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