Catalua gambling workers launch campaign claiming they can work

Catalua gambling workers launch campaign claiming they can work

The Catal de Treballadors del Joc Collectiu (CCTJ) today launched a campaign by means of which they intend to make visible the “discrimination” to which the Government of the Generalitat subjects them, by keeping closed the bingo halls, casinos and playrooms and claiming that their work centers “are safe spaces, free of COVID.”

Under the slogan “This is not a game”, the 8,000 workers in the games sector in Catalonia demand that the Generalitat allow them to work since, as Vctor Duce, spokesperson for the CCTJ emphasizes, “we are the only one. daytime urban activity that remains. closed without any health or economic justification ”. The workers claim that the sector is equated with other activities, such as shopping centers, gymnasiums, theaters, cinemas or public playrooms themselves, among others, and ask the Generalitat that in the part of an alleged prevention against the virus, “to take arbitrary and discriminatory decisions based on prejudices towards the sector”.

The workers regret that the Generalitat did not want to meet them. “We are not asking for privileges, only to be treated like the rest of business and economic activities, our work and our personal future are important to us,” said Duce, who recalled that “90% of the workers only received than the SEPE service corresponding to October 15 and no more since. There are even more extreme cases of people who haven’t received any benefits since June. We are talking about real cases and the Generalitat is totally immune to the situation of people who work in this sector ”.

The workers in the games sector have obtained the support of the UGT and CC.OO. and the employers’ associations Foment de Treball and CECOT, which this week released a joint manifesto asking Vice-President Pere Aragons “to include the private gaming sector in the de-escalation agenda, by equipping it with the rest of the trade, thus allowing the restart of a legal activity which generates direct and indirect jobs and which contributes to the creation of social wealth through taxes ”.

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