Cave lion found frozen in Siberia is perfectly preserved

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Lioness found in Siberia died 28,000 years ago, teeth, hair and mustache are still intact
A fully preserved lion cub found frozen in Siberian ice has been confirmed as a “female,” who died around 28,000 years ago. This information was given in a new study involving organisms. It is one of the best-preserved ice age animals ever found. The team at the Center for Paleogenetics, Stockholm, Sweden named it Sparta.

Teeth and skin as before
According to research, the small female was less than two months old at the time of her death. She was found covered in golden fur. The teeth, skin and whiskers of the small female are still intact. It has been preserved in permafrost, which is a surface above or below the ground where the temperature is consistently below zero ° C. It was one of two extinct ‘Big Cat’ cubs discovered by mammoth tusk hunters on the banks of the Semulyakh River.

Second bear cub 43,448 years old
These two cubs were believed to be siblings as they were found only 49 feet apart. Research has revealed that Sparta lived 15,000 years later than other cubs. According to radiocarbon dating, the second cub named Boris is older and is 43,448 years old. When he died, his age was also between a month or two. Investigations by Russian and Japanese scientists have found no evidence that he was killed by a hunter.

cubs killed in an accident
The team said injuries to the skull and ribs during scans pointed to other possibilities. Researcher Love Delon said they may have died in a mudslide or the permafrost fell into a crack. They were discovered in eastern Siberia between 2017 and 2018.

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