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Behind the scenes of the state and the media it is rumored that CBD products will soon be approved … This implies the opening of an abundance of stores selling CBD products, but also for farmers, an opportunity for diversification. Until then, only the stems and seeds were usable in hemp production!

With these new measures, hemp could become a goose that lays golden eggs for both producers and processors. Indeed, a new decree authorizing the harvest and processing of hemp flowers! The industry is in the starting blocks for this future hemp gold rush!

The announcement by the French authorities

According to an article in the Ouest France newspaper, French hemp counts today:

1,500 farmers 20,000 hectares 6 hemp seed companies

On May 25, the Prime Minister’s services announced “a decree authorizing the previously banned harvest and processing of hemp flowers grown in France for their cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical evaluation”. And they state that this “new regulation will apply for the first time to the hemp harvest in 2022”. The hemp industry is in turmoil as French demand seems to be very strong. We wouldn’t be surprised if the hemp plantations multiply in the coming months!

The many possibilities of hemp

The stems and seeds were the only ones that could be used as they did not contain THC, the psychotropic substance found in hemp that is classified as a narcotic. However, the French health authorities allow THC-based products if this is less than 0.2%. No THC content is tolerated in food.

Hemp is used in insulation materials, but also for cosmetics, animal and human food or in the automotive industry, paper, etc. … Almost endless possible uses make it a much sought-after raw material.

Cannabis drug tests

These drugs have already been approved in countries such as Switzerland, but not yet in France. CBD drugs are known to help relieve chronic pain related to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis!

And those who use them are full of praise for their benefits! The subject has been hot for a few years, but this time the authorities seem ready to approve these drugs … With very narrow laws, of course! From September 3,000 volunteer patients will test the effects of therapeutic cannabis in 215 centers in France!

A potential market of 700 million euros!

According to the Ministry of Health, the results of this test are expected in September 2023 so that we can assess whether it is advisable to generalize the use of cannabis-based drugs in France. In Germany, where 100,000 patients are treated, this is already the case, ”says Yves Christol, President of the cannabis association Santé France.

CBD products to be approved soon? Photo credit: Shutterstock / VictoriaArt

The French hemp market is estimated at 700 million euros. Today it comes from imported products as it is forbidden to harvest the flowers. This decree is therefore a real financial boon for future French producers!

What about hemp flowers?

As we explained in our article on hemp flowers, they could soon be banned. These smoking substances cannot yet be identified as legal products by the police. The government is expected to ban them shortly.

CBD detection tests are binary, they only answer the question: present or not present! If drug tests are quantitative, such as blood alcohol tests, then hemp flowers can be [peut-être] becomes legal again! If you have any, a tobacconist has advised us to keep them in the original packaging with the proof of purchase. This will avoid unpleasant surprises during a police check!

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