CCAA can go to Supreme Court if courts overturn curfew or perimeter closure


Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 11:49

The Supreme Court will have the final say on the restrictions that the autonomous communities want to take after the end of the state of alert, such as the curfew or the closure of the perimeter, which will decrease from May 9.

Until now, to apply these measures, regional governments had to have the judicial endorsement of the superior courts of justice, but in view of the disparity in the positions that can be given – which are allowed in some and in others not – the autonomies now have the power to appeal to the High Court, which can issue case law.

An important novelty, because until now it could not be done. As LaSexta was able to confirm, the Council of Ministers will include this measure in the decree it approves on Tuesday and which will extend several measures of the so-called social shield after the end of the state of alert.

The decree approved by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday provides for the three-month extension of a battery of social measures linked to the state of alarm, as Pedro Sánchez announced to Congress in mid-April.

Also until August 9, the suspension of evictions and launches of vulnerable tenants without housing alternatives and the extraordinary six-month extension of usual residential leases, in addition to the ban on power cuts, will be maintained.

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