CEA joins the #MovilizacinPorElEmpleo initiative of the Adecco Group

The Confederacin de Empresarios de Andaluca (CEA), the most representative commercial organization in the Community, and the Adecco group, leader in human resources management, have signed a collaboration, cooperation and advisory agreement in response to the crisis caused by the pandemic. This agreement, the result of a commitment to the economic and social development of Andalusia, was signed by the Secretary General of CEA, Luis Fernndez-Palacios, and the Director General of Sustainable Development of the Adecco Group, Francisco Mesonero Fernndez de Crdoba.

This agreement was born within the framework of the #MovilizacinPorElEmpleo program, promoted by the Adecco group, and is a sign of the shared concern about the consequences that the measures adopted due to the pandemic may have on the maintenance of employment and, in at the same time, a means of guaranteeing the services and requirements of Andalusian companies.

“#MovilizacinPorElEmpleo was born from the Adecco group’s commitment to help those who have been affected by the pandemic, especially in non-essential sectors, to find jobs in essential sectors in this process of resuming employment in the region. It is based on collaboration agreements with sectoral and territorial employers, the objective of which is to stimulate the availability of trained workers from other sectors of activity in sectors that generate employment. And offer free online courses, where around 40,000 job seekers have already signed up for 70 different types of courses. Within the #MobilizationPourL’Emploi, through our Foundation, we did not want to forget to help vulnerable people who already had more difficulty finding a job before the pandemic, such as people with disabilities, over 55 years with few economic resources or women victims of gender violence, ”explained Mesonero Fernndez de Crdoba.

For his part, Fernndez-Palacios declared: “The role of Andalusian companies in the face of the social and economic crisis has been fundamental. Whatever their sector, activity or size, companies’ response had to be quick and clear, anticipating scenarios and taking measures to minimize damage, protect jobs and emerge stronger, with health. and the security of their workforce as a focus for everyone. of his actions ”. The CEA underlines the united side of the Andalusian productive fabric during the crisis and the commitment as a common denominator of SMEs and large companies in the protection of their workforce, suppliers and customers, in a collaborative work in the face of the biggest crisis in our recent history. Thus, and according to the Secretary General of CEA, “it is vital to continue to support micro-enterprises and the autonomous communities of Andalusia, for the maintenance of employment and the creation of new jobs. The actions included in the #MovilizacinPorElEmpleo program go in this direction ”.

The initiative, a framework for collaboration, is justified, among other things, by the experience of the Adecco Group in the services it provides, its capillarity at the national level, its vast database of candidates and its diversity of resources. With this firm, the CEA supports companies in the strategic area of ​​Human Resources.

As part of the agreement, the CEA and the Adecco Group will set up a monitoring committee whose objective will be, in addition to analyzing its development, to study the best practices for mobilizing the sector, training skills necessary to improve the requirements of companies in this traffic of workers from one sector to another, production and flexibility requirements, identification of areas for improvement, as well as occupational health protocols and their implementation. artwork.

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