Cease-fire israel palestine: the cease-fire should end in israélo-palestinians; the ceasefire could take place in 24 hours

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The fierce ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas is expected to end soon. Hamas leaders said a ceasefire could be announced within the next 24 hours. In the fiercest conflict since 2014, at least 227 people have died in the Gaza Strip and 12 in Israel. While Hamas fired around 4,000 rockets at Israel, the IDF also carried out hundreds of air and ground attacks.

Hamas leaders told US broadcaster CNN that a ceasefire could be announced between Israel and Hamas within the next 24 hours. However, so far there has been no statement from Israel on this matter. A day earlier, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, Moose Abu Marjok, said he expected a ceasefire to be announced in the coming days.

Biden’s call for peace, Netanyahu disagrees
Meanwhile, the United States said on Wednesday it opposed the United Nations proposal for a ceasefire. The United States has also said the crisis could be resolved through the efforts of the Biden administration. The United States has blocked the proposal presented to the United Nations four times to end violence between Israel and Palestine. After that, France prepared the proposal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday pledged to continue a military operation in the Gaza Strip, despite US President Joe Biden’s call for “significant tension relief” following fierce 11-day fighting between Israel and Palestine. It is believed that Netanyahu’s statement could complicate international efforts to achieve a ceasefire.

Israel continued its airstrikes on Gaza on Wednesday, while Palestinian militants also fired rockets at Israel throughout the day. Meanwhile, rockets were also fired from Lebanon into northern Israel. Netanyahu said after visit to military headquarters that he ‘greatly appreciates the cooperation of the US president’, but added that the country will continue the campaign ‘to restore peace and security to the people of Israel’ . He said he was “determined to continue the campaign until its goals are achieved.”

Shortly before Netanyahu’s statement, Biden called on the Israeli prime minister to bring about a “ significant reduction in tension. ” According to a White House statement on the talks between the two leaders, this is the most severe public pressure ever brought to bear on Biden by an American ally. He said that in a telephone conversation, the US president asked Netanyahu to move on the “ceasefire path.” Biden is also under increasing pressure to do more as the death toll in the conflict has surpassed 200.

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