CEI names Iglesias and monastery responsible for tension in 4M campaign

Publication: Thursday, May 6, 2021 3:05 PM

A survey carried out by the CEI the week before the elections in the Community of Madrid and which was published today shows that 94% of Madrid residents consider that during the electoral campaign there was “a lot” or “enough” of tension.

A situation which they attribute above all to Vox and Unidas Podemos, and more to the leader of the purple formation, Pablo Iglesias, than to the candidate of Vox, Rocío Monasterio. More precisely, 72.4% of those consulted by the demographic body chaired by the socialist José Félix Tezanos, appreciated “a lot of tension” during the campaign, while 21.6% considered that there was “enough “, only 3% said there was” few “or” none “.

Those who said they were aware of the tension were asked which party contributed the most to it. 41.4% referred to Vox and 36.5% to Unidas Podemos. There were also 8.6% who blamed “everyone the same”, while only 6.4% attributed it to the PP and a minimum of 1.5% to the PSOE.

But the CEI also inquired about the level of responsibility in the tension that the Madrileños attributed to each candidate and there it was that of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, who won with 39.8%, followed by the leader. de Vox, Rocío Monastery, with 31.9%. The “popular” candidate for re-election and winner of the elections, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, was the one who did the most for a tense campaign according to 11.7% of those polled. Very distant and with very low percentages, the socialist Ángel Gabilondo (0.7%) and the candidates of Más Madrid, Mónica García, and Ciudadanos, Edmundo Bal, seem to be tied at 0.2%.

The poll also maintains that 14.9% of citizens have decided to vote in recent days and that Ángel Gabilondo and Mónica García were the best rated above Ayuso.

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