Celaá clashes with a PP senator for his criticism of the education law: “He needs training to understand it”

Posted: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 9:04 PM

The reform of the law on education, known as the “Celaá law”, continues to be the cause of political disputes. On this occasion, the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, accused three parties against the law, the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, of having led a political “campaign” inside the educational centers “involving minors. “.

More precisely, Celaá accused the PP of having “fabricated” in certain autonomies “institutional campaigns” which were financed with public funds. “That they kidnap certain children with links and that the political ideas against a government are not founded, it is contemptible”, criticized the minister after being questioned by the “popular” senator Pablo Ruz Villanueva. He said the new standard “was born as a throwing weapon and not as a connecting element.

In addition, the PP senator insisted on the fact that this law “destroyed the double educational model, which is based on quality and concerted public education”, and defended that the Executive intends to “resume special education” and destroy “the model. dual national education “.

To this, the minister replied ironically by declaring that Ruz “needs training to understand what the law says” because, in her opinion, “he does not understand anything”. Thus, he “offered to explain”, indicating that the law speaks of “the quality of the provision of public service which is ensured by public schools and authorized concerted schools”. The constitution speaks of freedom of education and the right to education, ”added Celaá.

“We can talk about the law, but not about the machinations that you have fabricated on the law.”, Continued the minister in turn, recalling that “it is not useful for you to call for your disobedience, because it is an organic law supported by a majority of the Congress of Deputies and in a state of law, the laws are respected “.

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